Composition – Assignment 2

Hello students and welcome to the composition page section of the unit! I hope that by this stage you have visited the Materials page and downloaded all the MIDI, GarageBand files and scores that you will need for the activities. If not, click THIS to visit the page and download now.

For the composition segment of this unit, we will be completing activities that are focused on the song ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ by Gotye featuring Kimbra. By ‘remixing’ the song using GarageBand, you will have a hands-on experience in manipulating the texture of a song. This will assist you in future compositions and also provide you with a better understanding of the musical concept that is texture. Your teacher will allocate you 2-3 lessons for this activity and assessment.


Students, watch the videos below of artists performing their own covers of ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’. They aren’t exactly remixed BUT these should give you an idea of how you could manipulate texture and the sound of the GarageBand files to create your own unique remix. Using these covers as inspiration, remix ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ in GarageBand by manipulating and changing the texture.

Tim Whybrow:

Orchestral cover:

Eskimo Joe:


After the allocated time, students will export their remix as an audio file, upload to their Divshare account and send the link to their teacher to be assessed. Good luck!

If you haven’t used GarageBand before or are a little rusty on your GB skills, watch the tutorial video below that I have created to get you started.

Activities for Special Needs and Gifted & Talented can be found here.


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