Composition Modifications

Welcome to the Modifications page for Special Needs and Gifted & Talented students in the composition section of this unit.

Kathryn (Gifted & Talented)

Kathryn, thank you for visiting this page. If you have completed the remix activity already I would like you to create a new MIDI track in your remix where you can improvise or create a short melody over ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’. You may select the instrument yourself and it can be any length you like but I would like you to use the D Minor scale in creating/improvising this melody.

D Minor scale:

Just as the other students will be uploading their remixes via Divshare, I would like you to do the same with your added melody.

Noel (Special Needs)

For this particular exercise, what I feel would be best is to have a teacher’s aide (or the teacher) do some of the work in GarageBand and demonstrate to Noel how to move/shift the different audio layers around. Noel will respond to the changing music, enjoy watching the program and with the help of the teacher/teacher’s aide, become involved in manipulating texture.

By completing this activity, Noel will achieve the following Life Skills outcomes:

LS. 5   experiments in organising musical sounds

LS.10  engages in performing, composing and listening experiences for enjoyment


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