Listening – Assignment 2

Welcome to the listening/musicology page! In the following activities we will be focusing on the concept of Tone Colour in Popular music. The song that will be focusing on is, again, ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster The People.


– Quickly search for an accurate definition of tone colour and two elements of the concept. For example, the use of instruments and various combinations of instruments.

– Watch the original version of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ below and the subsequent cover versions underneath that.

Foster The People

Butch Clancy

Bryson Andres

– After you have watched the videos, log onto your blog and create a new entry. You can title the new entry as ‘Pumped Up Kicks Lesson’ or something along those lines. Once you’ve created a new entry and named it, answer and respond to the following questions then post as a new blog entry.

  1. Can you name the instruments playing in each song?
  2. Can you describe two differences between the contrasting pieces?
  3. Between the three pieces, how have the artists manipulated tone colour to create three quite different songs?


Post these questions and your answers on your blog along with your researched definition of tone colour.
Activities for Special Needs and Gifted & Talented can be found here.


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