Listening Modifications

Welcome to the Modifications page for Special Needs and Gifted & Talented students in the listening section of this unit.

Kathryn (Gifted & Talented)

Kathryn, using the mind map of tone colour below, I would like you to write a further two sentences about tone colour in the different version of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. These sentences should be placed after the questions from the previous activity on your blog and listed as ‘Extra Activity’.

Noel (Special Needs)

Once it is clear that Noel understands the concept of tone colour, he can answer the questions below and place them as a new entry on his blog.

  1. In the first version of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ what instruments can you hear being played?
  2. How are the songs different to one another?

By completing this activity, Noel will achieve the following Life Skills outcomes:

LS.8   communicates responses to a variety of music

LS.9   appreciates a variety of music


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