Performance Modifications

Welcome to the Modifications page for Special Needs and Gifted & Talented students in the performance section of this unit.

Kathryn (Gifted & Talented)

Kathryn, thanks for visiting this page. If you’re here that means you’ve finished the performance activity and are ready to move on. What I would like you to do is interact with your peers and assist them in performing and/or learning ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. Being a multi-instrumentalist you can be very helpful to your classmates by visually demonstrating how to play the song on a number of instruments.

Noel (Special Needs)

Noel can participate in this performance by using a Roland SPD-SX Sample Pad (or a similar pad-type instrument). Noel’s pad will be loaded with six notes from the D# Major scale which he can hit to improvise/engage with the music. A compressed folder containing the six samples/notes to load onto the pad can be downloaded here.

By completing this activity, Noel will achieve the following Life Skills outcomes:

LS.2   vocalises, sings or plays an instrument

LS.3   vocalises, sings or plays an instrument as part of a group


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