Special Needs – Noel

Thank you for visiting Noel’s profile page. Noel is a Stage 5 Special Needs learner who is on the Life Skills syllabus. Noel was born with Down’s Syndrome and finds it difficult to perform and compose like the other students in the class. His disability aside, Noel loves music and loves to perform with the other students when given the opportunity!

His disability does make it difficult sometimes when performing in a group but I have modified the lessons in this unit of work so Noel can participate and learn in an interactive, engaging way. The performing activities in particular are modified for Noel is such a way that he will use a MIDI pad containing pre-loaded samples that allow him to press any part of the pad and it will create sounds that are tonal to the song.

Noel requires extra attention because of his disability and does benefit from being placed near a focused, patient student who will guide Noel when needed. Noel does acknowledge you as a teacher but it can be difficult teaching him the content of the course as may not grasp concepts as quickly as other students; you must understand that you need to be patient with Noel and that patience will pay off in the long run as he is a joy to teach.


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