Hello students and welcome to the composition segment of this unit! By now you should have visited the Materials page and downloaded the GarageBand and/or MIDI files for this element of the unit. The exercise we will be undertaking for this section of the unit is ‘remixing’ our focus song using the program GarageBand. It’s a relatively simple program to use and offers a wide variety of instruments and options to meddle with which will make it easy for you to re-arrange the song yourself and even change the performing media to your liking. Toward the bottom of the page I have attached a very brief video on using GarageBand which will explain how to open the file, move/extend loops and change instruments.

When you have remixed the song and are happy with your composition, simply click the ‘Share’ menu in GarageBand, then click ‘Export song to disc’. From there save the song as an MP3 and upload it via (sign up for a FREE account to host your files) then send the download link to for me to assess.

You might be asking ‘How am I supposed to remix this song or change it into something different? It’s great already!’. Sure, but other people have re-interpreted the song themselves and have come up with some stunning renditions! Here are some examples of how other performers have interpreted and arranged ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.

Eskimo Joe:

Walk Off The Earth cover:

Pentatonix vocal cover:

Hopefully these videos have inspired you to create a remixed masterpiece of your own!

Here is a short tutorial video that I created to quickly show you how to download, open and remix ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ in GarageBand. It can be viewed below for anyone who is a beginner or hasn’t used GarageBand before.


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