Learning Experience 2

Thank you for visiting the learning experience 2 page. This activity will form part of the Popular Music unit of work and will be a composition-based experience. In this experience, students will observe a few short videos and complete a composition task.

Composing a ‘popular’ piece of music doesn’t require complex time signatures or complicated chord progressions; it’s rather a simple process that may use four chords, contains a hook and the lyrics can be completely simple! Most popular songs are very simply structured (intro/verse, chorus, verse, chorus, middle 8, chorus, chorus) and last for less than three minutes and thirty seconds.

Watch the following short videos of famous musicians speaking about their own composition processes and how to write a popular song.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney (The Beatles)

Slash (Guns ‘N Roses, Velvet Revolver)

Elton John

Using the above videos as a starting point and inspiration, your task will be to write and record a song in the style of ‘popular’ music. You will be required to write lyrics, chords and a structure to accompany the recording that you will hand in. The quality of the recording is not overly important; the composition itself is the focus. You can write your own lyrics if you wish but for students who may find it difficult to write lyrics you can visit the Songwriters of New York website. Within that website are endless song lyrics written by people who allow anyone to use them for free.


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