Gifted & Talented – Kathryn

Thank you for visiting the Gifted & Talented student page. Kathryn is a Stage 5 learner who has been tagged as ‘Gifted & Talented’. Kathryn is a fast learner who loves music, her main love is for the guitar (like most teenagers) but she is a gifted multi-instrumentalist who can play drums, keyboard, bass and also sing (!) proficiently.

Kathryn’s fast-learning nature and ability to play a number of different instruments has, in the past, lead to her becoming bored with the nature of previous music teachers’ lessons. This unit of work contains modifications for Kathryn in the event that she completes the given activity ahead of other students (which she likely will) and will aid in furthering her learning.

As previously mentioned, Kathryn learns quite fast and it is recommended that you embrace the speed at which she learns and encourage the way she completes her work. Kathryn benefits from encouragement and extra work as she can sometimes become frustrated with the pace that the rest of the class are learning at. She is one of the most talented learners in the classroom!


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